About Summerdog

At Summerdog Farm, we respect the wisdom of the old and the energy of the new - in ideas, farmers, and dogs.

Throughout Boulder County,  progressive thinking and country wisdom mix in interesting ways.  Some families in Boulder have been farming in the area since the early 1800s and the Boulder County Fair has been a summer tradition for more than 150 years.  At the same time, Boulder is famously - maybe infamously - progressive, and Boulder farmers are exploring new technologies and business models.  At Summerdog Farm, we aim to combine the best of old and new to create healthful food in a beautiful and welcoming environment.

We (Ricky, Cecelia, and Izzy) founded Summerdog Farm in 2009 because we wanted the chance to do things that we loved:  digging in the dirt, caring for animals of all kinds, growing and cooking delicious food, and making things with our hands.  Both Ricky and Cecelia have town jobs that involve environmental science: Ricky is a professor who teaches about the atmosphere and climate, and Cecelia develops software for weather and climate models.  Izzy is now a college student who has been working with both technology and animals since she was little.  The farm helps us connect to the world outside of our computers and laboratories, and appreciate the wisdom of nature and neighbors.

We named our farm after two of the animals who are dearest to us.  Claude, the senior Summerdog, was patient, shy, bony, and beloved. Beta is a small creature with large appetites and passions.  We love our dogs, goats, llama, cats, chickens, rabbits, toads, hawks, snakes, bats, voles, owls, eagles, and all the other creatures (even the coyotes) who call Summerdog Farm home.