We keep a mixed flock of chickens - it's fun to have a variety of different shapes and personalities, plus we like the multi-colored eggs.  All of our chickens eat organic feed and have access to fresh air and fresh greens.  That gives their eggs the high, orange-y yolks that you just can't get in the supermarket.

Here are the breeds that our flock has included, and our experience with them -
  • Speckled Sussex long lived, hardy, smart, people-friendly
  • Buff Orpington and Australorp pretty, often fat, get along with everyone, calm
  • Ancona fiesty, small, and a little aggressive, but a great layer of big white eggs
  • Rhode Island Red mean and aggressive, we don't keep these anymore
  • Andalusian quiet and shy
  • Ameraucana a favorite - beautiful, confident, likes to roam, and lays blue and green eggs
  • Maran pretty and little people-shy
  • Delaware super smart (for a chicken), leader of the flock
  • Wyandotte scares a little easier than most, but fine
  • Welsummer nice, ordinary chicken